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Transportation from Luxembourg Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 16. 2. 2024

Luxembourg Airport is very well connected to the city's bus network. There are also direct connections from the terminal to German cities and you can also use car rental services.

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Bus Luxembourg

The city centre is accessible by three bus routes.

You don't have to worry about tickets. In fact, all public transport throughout Luxembourg is free.

Timetables and routes

Find connections throughout Luxembourg and exact timetables on

To get to the city centre, the fastest buses are the 6 and 16, while to get to the main train and coach stations, the 29 or 223 are faster.

  • The 6 - line goes to the centre to Hamilius via Kirchberg, the European Quarter and Luxexpo. It then continues west to the Belair, Märel and Bertrange districts
    • Travel time to the centre - 25 minutes
    • Frequency - 15 minutes
    • Last bus from the airport - 22:47
    • First bus from the bus stop. Hamilius - 4:28 a.m. (9:58 a.m. on Sundays and public holidays)
  • 16 - The line goes to the centre to Hamilius via Kirchberg, the European Quarter and Luxexpo. Then it continues west to Strassen and Rollingergrund
    • Journey time to the centre - 25 minutes
    • Frequency - 15 minutes
    • Last bus from the airport - 0:11
    • First bus from the bus stop. Hamilius - 4:43
  • 29 - The line runs to the south of the city centre and to the main train station via the Cents-Hamm district. It continues south to the Howald and Gasperich districts. Note that the buses do not terminate at the airport, but continue on the other side to the village of Senningerberg.
    • Ride time to the centre - 20 minutes
    • Frequency - 10 minutes
    • Last bus from the airport - 23:45
    • First bus from the main station - 4:09
  • 223 - a suburban line also available for a quick trip to the main train station. However, it only runs once every 30 minutes (once an hour on weekends) and is only a supplement to the much busier line 29.

You can also use lines 361 and 850 to the surrounding neighbourhoods with a frequency of 30 minutes on weekdays.

Bus Trier

Direct buses run from the airport to the German city of Trier.

You can use line 302. In the direction from Trier it runs every 30 minutes from 5:15 to 9:15, while in the opposite direction it runs once every 30 minutes from 12:34 to 20:34. The 302 only runs Monday to Friday.

You must buy a ticket for the cross-border service for 3 eur.

The timetable can be found on the website:


Mobile apps like Bolt or Uber do not work in Luxembourg.

You can only use official taxis with prices to the city centre around 35 eur.

Rent a car

There is a very good public transport service throughout Luxembourg, which is free on all routes, but it doesn't go to rural areas very often, especially on Sundays and public holidays.

If you want to explore the Luxembourg countryside without restrictions, rent a car directly at the airport. Prices start at 150 eur for 4 days.

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