Transportation from Leros Airport


The airport is located on the north side of the island, exactly at the opposite end from the main resorts and sights.

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Taxis are the main form of public transport going to the airport.

There are always plenty of taxis waiting just outside the arrivals hall after the arrival of each scheduled flight. Some cars are waiting for pre-booked passengers, especially locals, while others are waiting for random passengers.

Should you miss all the taxis waiting for random passengers, the remaining taxi drivers will be happy to call their colleagues and a taxi will come for you within 20 minutes.

Normal prices from the airport are as follows:

  • Agia Marina - 18 eur
  • Lakki - 20 eur
  • Xirokampos - 23 eur

You can only pay in cash.


There is a minibus service that runs along the road 20 metres from the airport towards Agia Marina and Platanos, but its timetable does not follow the flight schedule.

Indicative timetables can be found on the website: The stops are not marked in any way and you just have to wave at a passing bus. Fares are cash only and cost around 2 eur.

Rent a car

The largest car rental company on Leros, SUN Rental., is located at the airport.

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