Services at Leros Airport


Find out what services and facilities are available at Leros Airport. Where is the best place to eat and where to shop?

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Internet and wi-fi

Thewi-fi at the airport is not working.

If you use an EU country sim card, you can make calls and use data in Greece at the same prices as in your home country.

Otherwise, get a data e-sim quickly and easily at

Restaurants and shops

The Leros Airport terminal features a small bistro with a selection of sandwiches, coffee and drinks. It is always open about 2 hours before the departure of all scheduled flights to Athens.

Refreshments are located in the public area only.

There are no shops at Leros airport.

ATMs and exchange offices

There are no ATMs or currency exchange offices at the airport. Money is ideally taken out as soon as you depart from Athens ATH airport.

Other services

Luggage storage, drinking fountains, children's play areas or smoking areas after security check are not available at Leros Airport.

You can only use the toilets, which are only available in the public area of the terminal.

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