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Transportation from Kuala Lumpur Airport

David Eiselt updated 3. 11. 2023

The fastest way to get to the centre of Kuala Lumpur is to take the KLIA Express.

Connections to other parts of Kuala Lumpur are offered by cheaper buses, which run 24/7 compared to the train.


Trains stop at both terminals and will take you straight into the centre of Kuala Lumpur without the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Two types of trains run between the airport and KL Sentral Central Station.

For timetables, prices and online ticketing, visit kliaekspres.com. Online tickets are sold at a 10% discount

Return fares must be used within 1 month of the first journey.

KLIA Express

Express trains do not stop at any intermediate stations along the way.

  • Fares - 55 myr / 100 myr return; when buying online: 49,50 myr / 90 myr return
  • Travel time - 28 minutes on T1 / 33 minutes on T2
  • Frequency - 20 minutes
  • Last train from airport - 0:00 from T2 / 0:03 from T3
  • First train from KL Sentral - 5:00

KLIA Transit

Slower trains also stop at Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and Salak Tinggi stations along the way.

  • Fares - 55 myr / 100 myr return; if you buy an online ticket: 49,50 myr / 90 myr return
    • Price at Bandar Tasik Selatan station - 38,40 myr
  • Travel time - 36 minutes on T1 / 39 minutes on T2
  • Frequency - 30 minutes
  • Last train from airport - 0:30 from T2 / 0:34 from T3
  • First train from KL Sentral - 5:03

Buses to Kuala Lumpur

The cheapest option is the numerous buses that leave several times an hour to many destinations in the centre. The first buses leave the centre at 3:00am and the last buses from the airport leave at 1:30am. Bus stops are in front of both terminals.

Bus travel is considerably cheaper than by train: one journey costs between 12 myr a 13 myr.

Buses run most frequently to KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan or Batu Tiga.

You can buy a ticket at the station directly or online, for example via the easybook.com website, which compares most of the carriers that run to the airport. You can also use your mobile phone to buy a ticket, no need to print it out.

Buses operate on the following routes:

  • KL Sentral (Frequency 5-30 minutes, 75 minute journey) - companies SkyBus, AeroBus, Suasana Express
  • Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (Frequency 15-30 minutes, 90 minutes) - companies Jetbus, StarMart Express
  • AEON Bukit Tinggi (Frequency 60-120 minutes, 90 minutes) - company AeroBus
  • Terminal Seksyen / Shah Alam (Frequency 120 minutes, 150 minutes drive) - company Jetbus

Taxi, Grab

Taxis are a popular and surprisingly cheap mode of transport. Mobile apps are extremely popular, with the Grab app being the standout among them in Malaysia.

The price on the Grab app is based on current demand, and off-peak times from the airport to the city centre can be reached for around 85 myr to 90 myr. This means that when travelling with 2 or more people, it's more cost-effective to take a taxi than a train.

The prices of regular taxis are calculated according to the taximeter and depending on the type of car you choose, you pay 3 myr to 6 myr per 1 km ride. So usually a regular taxi is significantly more expensive than a Grab.

Car rental

If you want to experience the Malaysian countryside, renting a car is the ideal option. We do not recommend a car for traveling only to the big cities.

Many international and local car rental companies have branches in both terminals.

Prices for a week start at around 260 usd.

Long distance buses

Direct bus services also leave from both airport terminals to other Malaysian cities.

To find connections throughout Malaysia, simply use the easybook.com website to compare all the carriers on a given route. Links to specific companies are also provided below.

The most common non-stop connections are to the following destinations.

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