Transportation from Hurghada Airport


Most passengers are not affected by this chapter. If you are travelling with a travel agent, transport to your hotel will be arranged in advance and the travel agent's delegate will explain everything to you at the airport.

You will be transported to/from the hotel by bus, which will be provided by the delegate.

Individual travellers have basically three options.

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The first is the official taxi (orange and black), which is waiting in large numbers outside the airport building at all hours of the day and night.

A ride to downtown Hurghada costs 200 egp. You may be able to bargain for 100 gbp, on the other hand those of you who don't know how to bargain much can go for 300 egp.

The price to the nearest hotel complexes is around 85 egp.

Shared taxis

The other option is a shared taxi which leaves the terminal when it fills up, usually costing around 50 egp on the way to the centre of Hurghada.

Rent a car

The third option is to rent a car directly at the airport, this is particularly worthwhile if you want to explore the surrounding area and head out into the desert or along the remote Red Sea coastline for example.

The terminal is home to many branches of major international car rental companies.

The average price for a weekly rental is around 150 eur.

Public transport

There are no public transport buses to or near the airport.

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