Transportation from Helsinki Airport


The terminal is connected to the city railway, which is the fastest and most convenient form of transport to the city centre.

The trains are supplemented by several bus lines that can be used to travel to other neighbourhoods before the train.

Travel time from the airport Travel time to the airport Frequency Price
Train - Line I 38 minutes 33 minutes 10-15 minutes 4,10 eur
Train - line P 33 minutes 38 minutes 10-15 minutes 4,10 eur
Bus 600 47 minutes 47 minutes 7-15 minutes 4,10 eur


Tickets are integrated for all modes of transport and the same modes and prices therefore apply for HSL trains and buses.

The airport is in zone C and Helsinki city centre is in zone A. You therefore need an "ABC" ticket to get to the city centre.

There is no contactless card payment system in Helsinki, so you have to buy regular paper tickets from the machines located in all stations. The machines accept both cash and cards.

A more modern system for buying tickets is the HSL mobile app:

  • Transfer ticket for 90 minutes (ABC) - 4,10 eur
  • 1 day - 11 eur
  • 2 days - 16,50 eur
  • 3 days - 22 eur
  • Current price list:

Children aged 7 to 17 get a discount and pay 2,10 eur for a 90-minute ticket and 5,50 eur for a full-day ticket. Children under 7 travel free in Helsinki.

If you are only travelling to the outskirts of Helsinki, choose an 80-minute ticket for the BC zones for 3,10 eur.

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Train - P and I lines

Trains to central Helsinki run on a circular line called the "City Loop Train" and always arrive at Helsinki Central Station in the city centre in both directions.

  • Line I - runs anticlockwise via Huopalahti, where you can change trains to Turku
  • Line P - runs clockwise via Tikkurila, where you can change trains to Lahti, Tampere and the whole of northern Finland

Line P is slightly faster for getting from the airport to the centre, while Line I is faster for getting from the centre to the airport.

  • Journey time: 33 minutes (P line from the airport; I line to the airport) or 38 minutes (I line from the airport; P line to the airport)
  • Frequency: 10-15 minutes on each line, with trains every 5-8 minutes between the airport and the main station
  • Price: 4,10 eur for 90 minutes
  • Last train from airport - 1:21 (P line); 0:03 (I line)
  • First train to the airport - 4:13 (P line); 4:31 (I line)
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Buses + night transport

Alternative transport is provided by several HSL bus routes, which serve both the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city centre.

The journey to the main station by bus is about 10 minutes longer than by train. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine at the bus stop and marked in the validator inside the bus.

  • Line 600 goes to Helsinki Central Station and is an alternative to the train for getting to central Helsinki.
    • Journey time: 47 minutes
    • Frequency: 7 minutes (30 minutes at night)
    • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Line 570 goes via Tikkurila station to the north-eastern part of Helsinki to the Mellunmäki terminus
    • Frequency: 15-20 minutes
    • Hours of operation: 24/7
  • Line 562 goes through the neighbourhoods around the airport on a slow route to the eastern part of Helsinki to the Itäkeskus terminus
    • Frequency: 10-20 minutes
    • Hours of operation: 4:00-1:35
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In addition to the 570 and 600, the night-only lines 415N and 431N supplement the night-only service between 0:00 and 4:15 with an interval of 40-60 minutes. Both lines serve the north-western districts of Helsinki.

Transport map

See a map of all train and bus routes to Helsinki HEL Airport.

Taxi, Uber, Bolt

Taxis are plentiful at the airport at all hours of the day and night. The official taxis always run with the meter on and you can always pay by card.

There are also Bolt and Uber apps in Helsinki.

Average prices for rides to the city centre are as follows:

  • Central Station - 38 eur
  • Port - 38 eur
  • Tikkurila - 18 eur
  • Huopalahti - 29 eur
  • Espoo - 43 eur

Car Hire

If you plan to go on a road-trip around Finland, renting a car directly at the airport will be the ideal choice.

Prices for a weekly rental in summer start at 250 eur, and in low season from 200 eur.

Long-distance buses

The airport also has a station for long-distance buses to other destinations in Finland.

Finland's largest bus company, Matkahuolto, has a stop right outside the terminal. Timetables and online ticketing can be found on the website:

  • Tampere - 5-6 times a day, journey time 2.5 hours, price from 20 eur
  • Lahti - 2x daily, journey time 75 minutes, price from 6 eur
  • Turku - 5-6 times a day, journey time 2.5 hours, price from 33 eur
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