Florence Peretola Airport

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Florence Peretola Airport in a nutshell

David Eiselt updated 10. 10. 2023

The small Tuscan airport, located in the northern part of Florence (Peretola district), is mainly used for regional flights within a 2 hour flight radius and is also known as Amerigo Vespucci.

Due to the short runway, only aircraft up to a capacity of about 120 passengers can fly into Florence Airport.

Most flights to Florence can be purchased through volotea.com or vueling.com. These airlines are complemented by major European airlines taking passengers from Florence to their hubs, where they connect with flights further afield.

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Florence Airport is served by a single small terminal common to all flights. Orientation is very easy and you walk about 70 metres from the entrance to the aircraft.

Queues for security checking reach a maximum of 15 minutes in the morning departure peak and 5-10 minutes for the rest of the day.

More flights go to the larger Pisa PSA airport, 100 km away.

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