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Hotels and sleeping at Dubrovnik Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 6. 9. 2023

In case of an early departure or late arrival, it may be worth looking for accommodation near the airport due to the greater distance from Dubrovnik.

Hotels near the airport

There are several private apartments within walking distance just off the main road (about 200-300 metres) with prices around 40 eur to 55 eur per night. The owners are usually prepared for late arrivals and can be arranged for a late check-in.

Examples of apartments within 300 meters along the sidewalk:

You won't find a classic hotel near the airport.

Hotels in Dubrovnik

The city centre offers a much wider range of accommodation options, from more expensive luxury hotels to budget apartments and hostels.

Platanus buses cover most departures and arrivals, so even early in the morning you can catch your flight from the city centre.

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