Transfer at Cologne Airport


The airport has two terminals connected by a corridor into one building. You can use this corridor between the terminals to pass through the public and transit areas. In fact, it is therefore possible to go through security in both Terminal 1 and 2 for departures at any departure gate.

The distance between the terminals is approximately 200 metres.

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Which terminal?

The terminals are divided by airline. Check-in and arrival at a particular airline, regardless of destination, will always take place from the assigned terminal.

  • Terminal 1 - Eurowings, Ryanair, Lufthansa
  • Terminal 2 - all other airlines

Transfer between flights

Cologne Airport serves as a frequent transfer point, especially between Eurowings flights. Travellers also often plan their own connections from two separate flights due to the number of low-cost flights in Cologne.

There is no need to leave the transit zone during the transfer. Your luggage will be automatically transferred (in case you have both flights on one booking).

If you have combined the transfer on your own, are travelling with hand luggage only and have a mobile boarding pass for the connecting flight, you also do not need to leave the transit zone.

There are no checks when transferring between flights from/to the Schengen area. Otherwise, you must always go through passport and security control.

The average transfer time will not exceed 35 minutes.

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