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Transportation from Cancun Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 17. 12. 2023

What is the best way to get from Cancún Airport to the resorts or other parts of the Yucatán?

ADO buses

Official transport to Cancún and Playa del Carmen is provided by ADO buses.

You can book tickets online at or at the red "ADO aeropuerto" kiosk inside the arrivals hall. Payment can be made in cash or by card.

At the airport, ADO buses stop outside terminals 2, 3 and 4.

The red buses are modern and air-conditioned with ample space for luggage.

Direction Cancún

In the city centre, buses stop at the main ADO bus station on Calle Pino (location on

  • Price - 120 mxn (on sale when purchased online on the website some connections from 58 mxn, especially on the way to the airport)
  • Travel time - 50 minutes
  • Frequency - 20-30 minutes
  • Last buses from the airport
    • Terminal 2 - 23:20, 23:50, 1:10
    • Terminal 3 - 23:00, 23:30, 0:50
    • Terminal 4 - 23:10, 23:40, 1:00
  • First buses to the airport - 4:00, 4:45, 6:00

Directions Playa del Carmen

Direct ADO buses also run to Playa del Carmen, 55 km away, which is also the starting point for ferries to Cozumel Island.

Buses in Playa del Carmen stop at the main station on Avenida Norte near the dock (location on

  • Price - 240 mxn
  • Travel time - 90 minutes
  • Frequency - 20-30 minutes
  • Last buses from the airport
    • Terminal 2 - 23:25, 0:05, 1:10
    • Terminal 3 - 23:05, 23:45, 0:50
    • Terminal 4 - 23:15, 23:55, 1:00
  • First buses to the airport - 3:00, 4:00, 5:15

Car rental

Don't just stay at the beach resorts and experience the Mayan monuments and natural beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula.

With dozens of car rental companies, Cancún Airport is the perfect starting point for a road-trip through Mexico.

Car rental prices for a week start at 190 usd.


Official airport taxis always stop at the exits marked "Ground Transportation". Avoid offers from fake taxi drivers waiting inside the airport concourse!

There is no Uber or other apps at the airport.

  • Zona Hotelera, Cancún - 800 mxn
  • Playa del Carmen - 1 600 mxn


In 2023, the first part of the new rail line from Cancún was opened, running across the entire Yucatán Peninsula.

The trains are named "Tren Maya" and terminate at the Cancún airport. The station is located approximately 4 km south of the airport area and is connected to all terminals by a free shuttle bus that connects to all trains.

For the time being, there is no train service from the airport to Cancún, but only long-distance connections to places such as:

  • Chichén-Itzá
  • Valladolid
  • Tixkokokob
  • Umán
  • Calkiní
  • Campeche

Tickets are currently on sale at the flat price 1 166 mxn regardless of the length of the route. To purchase, use the official sales channel

There are currently only 2 trains per day on the route.

Official information can be found on the website:

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