Transportation from Brussels Charleroi Airport


The only transport links from the airport are buses to Brussels, Lille, Ghent, Bruges and Charleroi. There are stops right outside Terminal 1, which can be reached in 10 minutes from the plane.

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Buses to Brussels

Brussels is served by the bus company Flibco approximately every 30 minutes and services cover all departures and arrivals. A one-way ticket costs 18,99 eur. A return ticket has no discount.

The ticket is bought online at or (both sites sell tickets for the same buses) for a specific day when you can take any bus. The ticket can also be bought from a ticket machine or from a kiosk at the bus stop, but it is 1 eur more expensive than buying online.

Buses run to Bruxelles-Midi station, which is the only stop in Brussels.

The timetable is tailored to flight traffic and covers all departures and arrivals at Charleroi Airport.

  • Journey time - 60 minutes
  • Fares - 18,99 eur
  • Frequency - 20 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport - 0:40
  • First bus from Brussels-Midi - 3:00

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Train to Brussels + bus

An alternative is to combine public transport bus line A3 to Luttre or line A1 Chalreori and then take the train.

The price is 16,80 eur and the route with one change takes more than 75 minutes.

You can buy a ticket for a combined bus service by public transport A line bus to the nearest station and train to Brussels on the Belgian Railways website.

Bus to Charleroi

There is an A1 airport bus to Charleroi to Sud train station at 6 eur per ride. The bus runs once every 30 minutes and takes 20 minutes to get to the station.

You can also buy a ticket on the TEC mobile app (available on Google Play / App Store). There is no city ticket to the airport at €2.10, only a special airport fare of 6 eur. However, the ticket is a transfer ticket and is valid for 90 minutes for other public transport lines in Charleroi.

For information on public transport in Charleroi, please visit the official website of the carrier:

There are 3 routes to the airport:

  • A1 - to Charleroi Gare Centrale
  • A2 - to Fleurus station
  • A3 - to Luttre station

If you buy your train ticket directly from the ticket machine at the bus stop for the train from Charleroi onwards in Belgium, you will be included in the price of the A1, A2 or A3 buses.

Bruges, Ghent, Lille

Flibco offers tickets to Bruges, Ghent, Lille and Luxembourg. The cheap €5 tickets when bought in advance are no longer available and you will pay standard prices.

On all routes, buses run 12-13 times a day and journey times average between 100 minutes and 130 minutes. The longest route is to Bruges.

  • Bruges - 24,40 eur (morning and evening services from 19,90 eur)
  • Ghent - 22,40 eur
  • Lille - from 19,90 eur

For timetables and current prices to each city, visit

To Zaventem Airport

To transfer between Charleroi - Zaventem airports, use a combination of the airport bus A1, A2 or A3 to the nearest stations (Charleroi, Fleurus or Luttre) and trains.

You can buy a one-way ticket for 25,30 eur on the Belgian Railways website:, including the bus from Charleroi airport to the station. The journey takes about 2 hours.

Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus to the centre of Brussels (see above) and change to the train to Zaventem airport, which costs €8. The journey is reduced to 90 minutes.

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