Transfer at Brussels Charleroi Airport


There are two small terminals, not connected by a building, but the distance between them is less than 100 metres. The flight distribution is not given by any key, so you always have to make sure either by the text on the ticket or in the departure hall on the flight board.

Terminal 1 hosts all airlines, while Terminal 2 only handles some Ryanair and Wizz Air flights.

A downloadable map of the terminals is available at

Transfer between flights

You will almost always be connecting at Charleroi Airport 'on your own', i.e. as part of two separately purchased tickets.

If you are travelling with hand luggage only, and if you are only connecting between flights within the Schengen area, there is no need to leave the transit zone at all. Even if your flight operates from a different terminal, there is the option of using the airport shuttle bus that runs on the tarmac between the terminals every 10 minutes or so.

For detailed information on transfers, please visit the airport's website.

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