Transfer at Bridgetown Airport


The simple and largely open terminal has only a ground floor.

If you face the terminal, there are arrivals on the right and departures on the left, with check-in desks partially in the open-air concourse.

A single security checkpoint takes you to the transit area common to all departures. There is no passport control on departure from Barbados.

Transfer between flights

The airport in Barbados serves as an important transfer point to destinations such as the Grenadines archipelago and the surrounding smaller Caribbean islands.

Even if you have flights on the same reservation, you must go through immigration and passport control, exit the airport, walk 50 metres to the departure area and check in again.

However, the procedure is not long and takes around 30 minutes at most. Your luggage must also be collected and re-checked in, except on some LIAT or Caribbean Airlines flights.

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