Transfer at Athens Airport

Acropolis of Athens

Athens Airport uses only one main terminal (Gates A and B), to which a smaller satellite terminal (Gates C) is attached within the airport area. However, the only way to reach it is via the main terminal.

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  • Gates A - all departures to non-Schengen countries
  • Gates B - departures to Schengen countries by all airlines except Ryanair
  • Gates C - departures to Schengen area countries by Ryanair, Wizz Air and Transavia only

From the main terminal to the satellite terminal (gate C) there is an underground tunnel about 300 metres long with moving walkways.

A map of the terminal is available on the airport website:

Transfer between flights

The dense network of flights throughout Greece and neighbouring countries means that the airport also serves as an important transfer point.

Although Athens airports have only one terminal, transfers are in some cases rather confusingly signposted.

  • Schengen -> Schengen (with the exception of Ryanair): you'll only be transferring within B-gates, it's well signposted and very straightforward. Transferring between flights within the Schengen area realistically takes around 5 minutes from the time you step off the plane into the terminal. You do not go through security or passport control.
  • Schengen -> Non-Schengen: you arrive at the B gate area (or C gate), where you have to walk past the baggage belts (if you are connecting on one ticket, you don't have to collect your baggage), walk all the way out, then take the elevator to the 1st departure level and go through passport and security to A gate.
    Realistic transfer time is around 15-25 minutes depending on the queue to check in
  • Non-Schengen -> Schengen: you will disembark in the A gate area, where you must first pass through passport control, past the baggage belts and completely out. You don't have to pick up your luggage if you are connecting on one ticket. Next, go up to the 1st departure level and go through security to Gates A (or Gates C).

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