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Transportation from Aqaba Airport

David Eiselt updated 21. 3. 2024

There is no form of regular public transport to the airport. You can only use taxis or car rental services.

Car rental

You should definitely rent a car in case you are not going to spend your holiday only in one resort in Aqaba.

Driving in Jordan is relaxed, the roads are of good quality and the signage is usually in English as well. When traveling to the rock town of Petra or Wadi Rum, renting a car is by far the most convenient and also the cheapest option if you're traveling with at least 2 people.

There are several large international rental companies located right in the Aqaba Airport terminal. Weekly rental rates start at 140 usd.

Compare prices and book a car


There are no well-known mobile taxi apps operating in Aqaba, but you can take advantage of the regular taxis that are always waiting outside the terminal for each arrival.

The price is up to agreement with the taxi driver and you shouldn't pay more than 10 jod to 12 jod to reach the centre of Aqaba.

Taxi drivers also accept US dollars or euros without any problems.

Shuttle Bus

Jordan Shuttle also offers transportation directly to your designated address from the airport with their shared vans. The advertised price is 5 usd to any hotel in Aqaba.

However, according to many reviews and the experiences of other travellers, this company is very unreliable and it often happens that the van does not arrive at all on the booked date.

We recommend avoiding Jordan Shuttle (sometimes referred to as Flo Shuttle) and using car rental companies or taxis instead.

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