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Turkish Airlines in-flight services

David Eiselt updated 26. 9. 2023

What services can I expect during my flight and connection with Turkish Airlines? Turkish Airlines is one of those airlines that cares for its passengers and likes to pamper them. You will definitely be very satisfied on the plane and at the airport.

Refreshments on board

Turkish Airlines is one of the few airlines to maintain free refreshments even on shorter flights from Istanbul to Europe. Light snacks and water are served.

On long-haul flights, you can usually enjoy 2 main meals. Typically lunch or dinner followed by a light snack or breakfast.


So-called In-Flight Entertainment will keep you entertained even on flights longer than 10 hours. There is a huge selection of movies, series, documentaries or music or arcade games.

The on-board system is completely free.

Hotel during connection

Passengers who are transferring between Turkish Airlines flights in Istanbul and have both on the same ticket are entitled to a free hotel during the transfer. The following conditions must be met:

  • There must be more than 12 hours between flights,
  • There must be no pre-existing connections between flights.

If you meet the conditions, please find the Hotel Desk at the airport to request accommodation. You can also apply earlier through your ticket agent.

Sightseeing in Istanbul

Turkish Airlines also offers a free tour of Istanbul for connecting passengers .

Those interested in this service must contact the Turkish Airlines Hotel Desk at the airport upon arrival in the transit area. Passengers must meet several conditions:

  • Interested passengers must be travelling on international routes with a connection in Istanbul, which must be on one ticket, for example Prague - Istanbul - Hong Kong,
  • The transfer must be no longer than 24 hours and no shorter than 6 hours,
  • Tour times range from 2.5 to 6 hours.

All information can be found on the Tour Istanbul website.

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