Ryanair check-in


Ryanair offers the possibility of checking in at the airport and online. If you do not have a Plus or Flexi Plus ticket, you can check in for free online only.

Online check-in

Online check-in is very easy and fast. It can be done in a web browser at ryanair.com/check-in or on the Ryanair mobile app.

You can check-in for free between 24 hours and 2 hours before departure. If you have paid and selected seats, you can check-in up to 60 days in advance.

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To check in at the airport, you'll need a boarding pass with a QR code. You can print them out, but saving them on your phone or tablet will also be fine.

Check-in at the airport

Ryanair charges a fee for checking in at the airport. If you have not purchased this additional service, always check-in in advance, even if you have baggage to check in.

Although you can check in your baggage at the airport counter, you must have your boarding passes in advance.

Seat selection

You can select specific seats during the ticket purchase process and also later during check-in. However, there is a fee for such seating and if you don't care where you sit, just skip this option and have your seats assigned automatically.

Beware, however, that passengers in groups are deliberately seated.

If you are travelling with children, they will always sit with at least one adult together.

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