Fiji Airways in-flight services

Fiji Airways is still one of the airlines that offers free refreshments even on short flights around Oceania.

In-flight refreshments

Economy Class passengers are offered refreshments on short flights within Oceania in the form of a cold breakfast or a hot lunch or dinner.

On long-haul flights, 2 meals are served - dinner and breakfast or lunch and a light snack.

Entertainment system

For long-haul flights, you can use the IFE - In Flight Entertaiment free of charge. The entertainment system will offer hundreds of movies, series and documentaries, music or games.

In-flight wifi

In-flight internet connectivity is only available on board the latest Airbus A350 aircraft.

Internet connectivity is offered in 4 packages, where you can get the specific price on your chosen flight by connecting to the Wi-Fi network and going to

  • Text - to send text messages via Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Light Web - To use the app for messaging, chatting, emailing, etc.
  • Standard Web - normal internet connection, but video playback will be very slow
  • Web Plus - normal internet connection, including watching videos on, for example, YouTube
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