Fiji Airways baggage

On Fiji Airways you are always entitled to a minimum of 1 piece of standard hand luggage and 1 small personal item such as a handbag or laptop free of charge.

The option to carry checked baggage depends on the fare you choose.

A simplified overview of the baggage you can take on board free of charge is provided in the following table:

Class Personal item

Carry-on baggage
Up to 115 cm

Checked baggage
Economy Lite 1 piece 1 piece 7 kg -
Economy Value 1 piece 1 piece 7 kg 1x 30 kg
Economy Comfort 1 piece 1 piece 7 kg 2x 30 kg
Economy Plus 1 piece 1 piece 7 kg 2x 30 kg
Business Value 1 piece 1 piece 14 kg 3x 30 kg
Business Plus 1 piece 1 piece 14 kg 3x 30 kg

Hand luggage

You can always take 1 piece of standard hand luggage and 1 personal item (handbag, laptop bag, umbrella, suit, etc.) on board.

Your luggage can weigh a maximum of 7 kg, but the dimensions are checked in particular. They must not exceed 115 cm in total. The wheels of the suitcases also count towards this dimension.

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If you go through the baggage measurement check and the dimensions exceed the allowed value, your hand luggage will be checked in for a fee 100 aud to 390 aud depending on the length of your itinerary.

Checked baggage

Your ticket may or may not include checked baggage. It depends on which fare you purchased your ticket on:

  • Lite - does not include baggage
  • Value - 1 piece of luggage up to 30 kg
  • Comfort / Plus - 2 pieces of luggage of 30 kg each
  • Business - 3 pieces of luggage of 30 kg each

If you intend to travel with checked-in baggage, always purchase the higher fare that already includes baggage.

Buying back a suitcase on the Lite fare is significantly more expensive (usually 3-4 times more expensive) than buying a more expensive fare with luggage.

Strollers and luggage for children

If you're flying with small children, you're entitled to a free stroller, car seat or travel cot. You must check in the pushchair at the check-in desk and then hand it over when you board the aircraft.

Children under 2 years old are entitled to carry hand luggage weighing up to 3 kg.

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