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Krystof Hajek updated 2. 11. 2023

Tickets can only be booked on the airline's website, no search engine will offer them to you. Booking is only possible in Spanish, there is no English version of their website. The inter-island connections are very cheap, the average price of a one-way ticket is around €25, which is usually less than the main competitor, Binter Canarias, but always check the prices of both airlines. For connections to the smaller islands of La Palma and El Hierro, prices usually start at €40.

When booking your ticket, select the "No Residente" box in the first step (if you don't live in Spain), and only fill in the first surname "1er Apelido" in the second step if you don't have two surnames.

Canaryfly operates the following direct routes, they can be combined, the companies offer guaranteed transfers:

  • Gran Canaria - Fuerteventura
  • Gran Canaria - Lanzarote
  • Gran Canaria - Tenerife Norte
  • Tenerife Norte - Fuerteventura
  • Tenerife Norte - Lanzarote
  • Tenerife Norte - La Palma
  • Tenerife Norte - El Hierro
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