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David Eiselt updated 7. 9. 2023

You can have twohand luggage bags free of charge. The first one is a classic one with a maximum size of 56 x 36 x 23 cm and a weight of 7 kg. The second smaller one is of personal size, i.e. a ladies' handbag or a men's bag.

Checked baggage can be purchased in different weight categories from 15 to 40 kg. The price depends on the specific route and distance and you will find out during the booking process. Some flights may include a 15kg bag (e.g. Jakarta - Bali), but it is not included as standard. Only 15 kg baggage can be purchased at the airport for 1,000 baht.

If you have a connecting flight on a single booking, your luggage will be taken to your final destination.

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