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AirAsia in a nutshell

David Eiselt updated 7. 9. 2023

AirAsia is known to just about every traveller who has ever headed to Southeast Asia. The low-cost airline is Malaysia's largest airline and the largest low-cost carrier in all of Asia in terms of passengers and fleet.

The company operates its flights with Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. On long-haul routes, it deploys Airbus A330 and the soon-to-be-delivered latest A350 aircraft. All aircraft are red in colour.

AirAsia also simultaneously operates several subsidiaries with operations in other Asian markets:

  • AirAsia India (I5/IAD),
  • AirAsia Japan (DJ/WAJ),
  • AirAsia X (D7/XAX),
  • Indonesia AirAsia (QZ/AWQ),
  • Indonesia AirAsia X (XT/IDX),
  • Philippines AirAsia (Z2/EZD),
  • Thai AirAsia (FD/AIQ),
  • Thai AirAsia X (XJ/TAX).

The IATA/ICAO code of the company is given in brackets and the suffix "X" indicates a long-haul airline. All companies are externally referred to as AirAsia.

IATA code
Country of origin
16. 11. 1996

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