Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

If you had to name a single bridge that connects Manhattan to its surroundings, it would be the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, which opened in 1883. The Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and the most historically significant within New York City.

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The Brooklyn Bridge is also the world's first suspension bridge suspended on steel cables. At the time of its completion, the Brooklyn Bridge was considered the eighth wonder of the world and is extremely popular among New Yorkers - it's one of the city's enduring symbols. It arches over the East River.

Construction and dimensions of the bridge

The decision to build the bridge was made in 1869 after a severe winter when all ships froze for many days, leaving no way to get from Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan. The engineer in charge of the bridge was John Augustus Roebling, who was replaced by his son Washington Roebling after his tragic death.

Construction began in 1870, and the bridge was originally planned as a suspension bridge, suspended from cables running from two massive piers made of limestone, granite and cement. The bridge was inaugurated on May 24, 1883, and became the first fixed link between New York City and the then independent city of Brooklyn.

The bridge is dominated by two Neo-Gothic granite piers rising to a maximum height of 84.3 metres.

Spanning 486 metres between the piers, the bridge deck is over 25 metres wide to accommodate three lanes in one direction and a pedestrian footbridge. In total, the Brooklyn Bridge boasts a length of 1,825 metres.

Views from and onto the bridge

Along the entire length of the bridge there is a combined pedestrian and cycle path completely separated from cars. It offers breathtaking and unusual views of the Manhattan skyline, best seen from the first pillar facing away from Manhattan.

But the bridge itself is also eye-catching day and night, when its main cables and piers are beautifully illuminated. The best views of the entire bridge with Manhattan in the background are definitely from the beautiful Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park located on the Brooklyn side (see location on map).

Accommodation near the bridge

On the Manhattan side, only about 150 yards from the start of the pedestrian promenade over the Brooklyn Bridge, we would recommend the Aloft Manhattan Downtown **** with reasonable rates around 183 eur per night, which is the lower end of average for downtown Manhattan.

How to get to the Brooklyn Bridge?

There are several subway stations on either side of the bridge, which are the fastest form of transportation.

Stations on the Manhattan side:

  • Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall - Green Line 4, 5, 6
  • Chambers St - brown lines J, Z
  • City Hall - yellow lines R, W

Brooklyn side stations:

  • High St - blue lines A, C
  • Clark St - red lines 2, 3
  • Borough Hall - red lines 2, 3 and green lines 4, 5

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