Punta Teno

Punta Teno

Punta Teno is the westernmost tip of Tenerife and a small peninsula a few hundred metres long and a few dozen metres wide, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. The dry, open, windswept landscape is covered only by low vegetation, giving it the feeling of the desolate end of the world.

The cheapest accommodation in Tenerife

On the Punta Teno peninsula stands the romantic red and white lighthouse, which is a very popular subject for sunset photos . Many travellers head to Punta Teno to see them, as there's simply no better place to watch the sunsets on Tenerife.


Just a few tens of metres from the lighthouse, you can stay in a luxury villa with even more luxurious views in a place where you can enjoy complete tranquillity, especially after sunset when all the tourists have left. The nearest civilization is 9 km away. The price of one night in the villa is around 550 eur.

How to get there

The lighthouse at Punta Teno can be reached directly by road from the town of Buenavista (about 10 km), but during the day between 9:00 and 20:00 private cars are not allowed.

However, bus line 369 runs to Punta Teno several times a day from Buenavista. Here you can use only multi-day tourist tickets as well as single fares.

What to see around

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