The village of Masca, drowned between mountain peaks and ravines, is a popular tourist destination in Tenerife. The tiny village with a few white houses lies under a rock outcrop in the middle of a steep valley and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside on all sides. Masca itself is 600 metres above sea level and can be reached by a winding mountain road.

Masca village

Apart from the spectacular views, the main tourist attraction is the trek through the Masca Gorge. A beautiful journey of about 4 hours awaits you as you descend the Masca Gorge, which is the second most popular activity you can do in Tenerife after climbing Pico del Teide.

The hiking route through the gorge starts in the picturesque mountain village of Masca and ends at the beach of the same name, a short distance from the huge Los Gigantes rock massifs, which are among the largest in Spain.

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The trek takes you through a beautiful landscape of cliffs, steep slopes and flowering prickly pear trees, but it is nevertheless quite challenging. At around 4km it climbs over 600m in elevation and passes through a rugged rocky landscape. Although the trail is marked and well trodden, good sturdy shoes and plenty of water and food are a must. You have to return the same way uphill.

However, you will be rewarded with views of 100-metre cliffs dropping into the Atlantic Ocean.

Booking and entry fee

Since 2021, entry to the Masca Gorge has been regulated and you must make a reservation on the official website:

Although the entrance is free, it is often broken down up to more than a month in advance.


Directly in Masca and the surrounding mountain villages, you'll find mainly smaller apartments with mostly great reviews. Prices here are higher than in the rest of the island and are around 73 eur per day for 2.

How to get there

Masca is in the west of Tenerife and can be reached by a narrow but brand new winding mountain road. There are several large free car parks in Masca.

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There are also public transport buses to Masca, running 7-9 times a day, including weekends. Both the 355 and 365 lines connect Masca with the towns of Santiago del Teide and Buenavista del Norte, where you can change to other services around the island

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