Mirador Cruz del Carmen

Mirador Cruz del Carmen

Head to the north-eastern tip of Tenerife, where a winding road will take you up to 1,000 metres above sea level through a lush green landscape of steep slopes, laurel forests and terraced fields with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

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The most famous and most visited is undoubtedly Mirador Cruz del Carmen, which offers breathtaking views to the south.

Hills, fields, forests, villages and the Atlantic Ocean in the distant background. At the viewpoint, you can have a snack in the restaurant or go on one of the two shorter circular treks (up to about 1.5 hours walking), where you can enjoy more and more views of the surrounding landscape.

How to get there

The Cruz del Carmen viewpoint is on the TF-12 mountain road connecting the town of La Laguna across the mountain tops to Teresitas beach. There is a fairly large free parking lot next to the restaurant.

It is also conveniently accessible by public transport. There is a bus stop right at the viewpoint and bus routes 76, 77, 273 and 275 all run from La Laguna town.

What to see around

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