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In the east of the island, specifically in the town of Güímar, you will find the unique six-stepped pyramids. However, if you were expecting the usual pyramids of a conical shape, you will be surprised. The Güímar pyramids are not so much in height as in width, they are much lower, but they resemble Mayan and Aztec pyramids rather than Egyptian ones. This does not detract from their beauty, on the contrary.

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How old are they?

We still don't know much about the origin of the Güímar pyramids. According to archaeological surveys, the pyramid structures should be no older than the 19th century, so archaeologists are more inclined to believe that they are not real pyramids, but stones that farmers commonly flattened on the edge of their fields. However, the well-known Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl, who has long been studying the pyramids of Güímar, speaks against this theory.

He argues that the stones bear clear signs of deliberate working into the shape of pyramids and also have an interesting astronomical orientation. However, even Thor Heyerdahl does not have a satisfactory explanation of how old the pyramids are and why they were built here.

At present there are six preserved remains of the original nine pyramids at Güímar.

The ethnographic park

An ethnographic park was established on the area of the present pyramids by Heyerdahl and another Norwegian sailor, Fred Olsen. In addition to the pyramids themselves, you can visit a small ethnographic museum, an exhibition of Thor Heyerdahl's seafaring artifacts, including a replica of the Inca ship Kon Tiki.

Outside, you can then stroll through a small botanical garden.

Thepark (including the pyramids) is open daily from 9:30am to 6pm.

Admission costs 18 eur for the whole site for adults, or 6,50 eur for children under 12.

How to get there

The pyramids are located on the northern edge of the town of Güímar and the entrance is free parking.

The nearest bus stop, "Pirámides", is about 250 metres from the entrance and the number 121 bus from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, passes through.

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