Safety and security in South Korea

South Korea


Medical care is good, but the language barrier can be a problem.


Vaccinations are not required for travel to South Korea. You will only need the recommended travel triple vaccine of hepatitis, tetanus and typhoid.


Korea is a very safe country, yet for your own safety do not photograph military sites.


Korea is a very safe country. Crime is low, but take basic safety precautions as in the Czech Republic.

Important contacts

  • First aid and firefighters: 119
  • Police: 112, 113
  • Free interpreter line: 1330
  • Tourist line: +82 27350101
  • Embassy in Seoul: 1-121 Shinmuro 2-ga, Jungno- gu Seoul
  • Tel: +82 27256765 E-mail:
  • Dialcode: +82
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