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Transportation from Zagreb Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 2. 12. 2023

The fastest transport to the centre is a special bus line.

You can travel cheaper on the regular bus line 290.

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Bus 290

Line 290 of Zagreb's transport company ZET connects the airport with the city centre (terminating at "Kvaternikov Trg") and the nearest town, Velika Gorica.

The journey to the centre takes 35 minutes. Frequency of connections is also 35 minutes.

  • First bus from the centre - 4:20 (on Sundays up to 5:20)
  • Last bus from the airport to Zagreb - 0:27

The direction to the stop is not marked (the sign "Public Transport" refers only to the above mentioned express line). From the terminal, head straight ahead for about 150 metres onto the main road. The direction to Zagreb is left, the direction to Velika Gorica is right.

Prices and tickets

Tickets can be purchased at the TISAK newsagent in the arrivals hall or on the ZET mobile app (available at Google Play / App Store). Tickets are also sold by the driver, but at a higher price.

For each type of ticket, you can transfer to buses and trams at will.

  • 30 minutes - 0,53 eur / 0,80 eur from the driver
  • 60 minutes - 0,93 eur / 1,33 eur from the driver
  • 90 minutes - 1,33 eur / 1,99 eur from the driver

The airport is in zone 2, while the centre of Zagreb is in zone 1. The system is set up so that you need 1 ticket for each zone. So in practice, you can combine the cheapest transport to the centre from two 30-minute tickets for a total of 1.06 EUR.

The day ticket for 30 hrk is not valid for zone 2, i.e. not even for the journey to the airport.

Bus Pleso Prijevoz

The express bus line "Pleso Prijevoz" runs non-stop to the main bus station ("Zagreb Autobusni Kolodvor").

The buses are modern and more comfortable than those on line 290.

Pleso Prijevoz runs once every 30 minutes, but after 21:00 it only runs when the plane lands. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

  • First bus to the airport - 4:00
  • Last bus to the centre - 0:00

The bus stop is to the right of the terminal exit, watch for the "Public Transportation" signs.


ZET fares do not apply on these buses. Special tickets can be purchased from the driver (can be paid by card or cash) or online at the official website:

Ticket price is EUR 8.

Taxi, Uber, Bolt

The official taxi fare from the airport to the city is around 20 eur to 25 eur.

You will get a significantly cheaper ride with the mobile apps Uber or Bolt, both of which operate in Zagreb.

A ride to the historic centre with Bolt or Uber costs around 17 eur.

Rent a car

Several large international car rental companies have a branch in the terminal. A car is the best means of transport for exploring the Croatian countryside or a trip to the sea.

Weekly rental prices vary between 120 eur and 210 eur depending on the season.

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