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Transportation from Venice Treviso Airport

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The airport is served only by direct shuttle buses and one city line to Treviso railway station.

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Direct bus Venice and Mestre

Terravision (Barzi Bus) or ATVO direct buses are the fastest transport to Venice and Mestre. The journey to Venice takes 40-50 minutes, while the journey to Mestre takes 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Terravision (Barzi Bus)

A cheaper ride is offered by Terravision, which runs for 10 eur one way or 18 eur return. The price is the same to both Venice and Mestre. In Venice, it stops at Venezia Tronchetto station (see map), from where you can reach the central Piazzale Roma in 4 minutes for 1,50 eur by automatic train or in 10-15 minutes on foot.

  • Buy a ticket -
  • The timetable follows the flight schedule
  • Buses are operated by Barzi Bus
  • If you miss your connection, you can take the following buses for free


ATVO buses are operated for 12 eur one way or for 22 eur return. Like Terravision, ATVO also operates according to a timetable. The advantage over Terravision is the stop in Venice directly at Piazzale Roma.

During the summer, seasonal routes to the seaside resorts of Jesolo, Cavallino, Eraclea, Bibione and Lignano are also in operation. You can find travel information on ATVO's website.

Public bus to Treviso + train to Venice

The cheaper option goes via the train station in Treviso. This option takes about 90 minutes from the airport to Venice.

There are five bus lines from the airport to Treviso Centrale station, which take about 10-15 minutes.

Public transport lines

A ticket for the lines listed below costs 1,80 eur and can be purchased on the MoMUp mobile app (available on: Google Play / App Store) - select "Servizio Urbano" and then "Urbano 100'".

You can also buy an official ticket at the ATVO booth in the arrivals hall, but they will often tell you that they only have a 48-hour ticket for 5 eur.

A ticket purchased from the driver costs 4 eur and can only be paid for with cash.

  • Line 6 (view timetable) - runs once every 30 minutes (once an hour on Sundays) from a stop 50 metres to the right of the terminal, on the way from the station to the airport, get on at the F.S. De Gasperi stop (see map)
  • lines 101, 102, 102 (see timetable) - run cumulatively about 2-3 times per hour (1-2 times per hour on Sundays) from the stop 50 metres to the right of the terminal. In the direction of the airport the lines stop at the intercity bus station (see map)

However, the buses do not cover the complete flight schedule and only run from approx. 6:00 to 21:00.

Treviso AirLink

A special airport bus runs directly from the terminal. At the main station in the direction of the airport, you will board from the stop right in front of the exit (see map).

Buses run from approx. 6:20 to 23:50 and detailed information can be found on the website:

Ticket for 5 eur can be purchased at the Treviso AirLink stand in the arrivals hall or via the MoMUp mobile app. Select the last option "Treviso Airlink 2 Days Card".

The ticket is valid for 48 hours for all routes throughout Treviso.

You can also buy a combined ticket for this connection with the train via the website or the machines at all stations. The price is the same as if you were buying two separate tickets.

Train Treviso - Mestre - Venice

At Treviso Centrale station, you can buy a train ticket for 3,80 eur. Before boarding the train, mark it in the validator inside the station building on the way to the platform.

From Treviso station you can also take direct trains to other Italian destinations, such as Padua (5,20 eur) or Vicenza (5,90 eur). The exact times of the connections from Treviso to Mestre or Venice (about 6 times per hour) can be found on the website.

To Marco Polo Airport

If you intend to transfer between Treviso and Marco Polo airports, head first to Venice (see the airport transfer section above) and change to bus lines 5, 15 or the ATVO Airport Shuttle. A ticket from Mestre to Marco Polo Airport costs 8 eur, so in total you will pay 18 eur.

There is no direct connection between the airports.

Bus to Padua

The regional bus line 101 also stops in front of the airport, which, in addition to the centre of Treviso, will take you to the historic city of Padua.

The bus stop is located about 50 metres from the terminal on the main road in the opposite direction to the bus stop to Treviso (i.e. looking left from the terminal).

Line 101 runs every 30 minutes from approximately 5:20 to 20:20 Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and public holidays it runs about once an hour and you can find the timetable on the website:

The ticket costs 6,40 eur and can be purchased from the driver in cash or on the MoMUp mobile app (available on: Google Play / App Store).

Map of stops

For easy orientation, see the location of the stops of each carrier at the airport and in the city centres.

Bus stops at Treviso Airport

Bus stops in Venice and Mestre

Bus stops in Treviso

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