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Tbilisi International Airport

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Transfer at Tbilisi Airport

David Eiselt updated 23. 2. 2024

Tbilisi Airport is served by one terminal opened in 2007.

The terminal is modern and spacious, but Tbilisi Airport is one of the smaller airports in terms of size and therefore very easy to navigate.

Departures and arrivals are located on the ground floor, with security control located on the 1st floor.

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Security check usually takes 5-15 minutes, while passport control upon arrival can take up to 20 minutes.

Transfer between flights

If you are transferring in Tbilisi from one plane to another and have both flights purchased as one booking, you do not need to leave the transit area.

Follow the yellow pictogram and the "Transfer Desk" signs to the transit security checkpoint. There is no passport control on transfer.

Due to the short distances involved, the transfer in Tbilisi is a matter of 20 minutes.

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