Transportation from Salzburg Airport


There are 2 bus routes to the airport from the centre and a regional bus stops at the terminal for the Austrian and German Alps (Bad Reichenhall, Lofer, Zell am See).

There are no trains to the airport.

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Buses and trolleybuses (Obus)

Trolleybuses (Obus) and buses (Bus) provide frequent transport to the various parts of the city centre. Both means of transport run along the same routes and always have the same sign whether the bus or trolleybus is running.

For complete information, current prices and connection searches, visit the official website:

Routes and timetables

  • Line 2 - goes directly on the way to the west and centre and to Salzburg Hbfrailway and bus station
    • Frequency - 10 minutes (20 minutes on weekends)
    • Journey time - 22 minutes
    • First bus from the station - 5:22
    • Last bus from airport - 23:26
    • Timetable:

From Salzburg Hbf Central Station you will enjoy convenient, modern and frequent train connections throughout Austria. For online ticket purchase and timetables, visit:

  • Line 10 - runs through the southern part of Salzburg to the historic centre and on to the eastern part of the city

For travel from Salzburg Hbf main station you can also use the regional line 260 running once an hour, which continues on to Zell am See. In the opposite direction from the airport to the city centre you cannot use this connection. In the direction from Zell am See to Salzburg, it only stops at the airport for disembarkation.


Tickets are the same for all lines. We show the prices for the so-called Salzburg-Kernzone, which includes the entire city of Salzburg including the airport.

  • 2,40 eur - valid for 60 minutes and you can change freely between all lines
    • Can only be bought at ticket machines or online
  • 4,70 eur - Valid for 24 hours for the Salzburg zone (i.e. including the airport)
    • Price valid when purchased in a vending machine or online
    • If you buy the ticket from the driver (card or cash payment possible), you will pay 6,40 eur
  • 3 eur - single journey ticket purchased from the driver

Day tickets for the whole region and other types of fare are also available, but you won't use them very often to get to the airport.

For a full list of fares, visit the official website:

Where to buy tickets?

  • Vending machines at the bus stop (there is also one at the airport - you can pay with coins and cards)
  • Mobile app Salzburg Verkehr-App (Google Play / App Store)

Bus to the Alps (Zell am See etc.)

The regional bus line 260 also stops in front of the terminal, connecting Salzburg city centre and mountain resorts in Germany and Austria.

The bus runs once an hour on weekdays, once every 2 hours on Saturdays and once every 2 to 3 hours on Sundays and public holidays.

The last buses from the airport leave around 21:45 Monday to Saturday, or around 19:45 on Sundays. The first buses from Zell am See start their journey around 5:00 on weekdays, on weekends between 6:00 and 7:00.

You can buy your ticket on the Salzburg Verkehr-App (Google Play / App Store) or from the driver (cash and card payment).

  • Bad Reichenhall - 5,50 eur, journey time 15 minutes
  • Lofer - 10 eur, journey time 50 minutes
  • Saalfelden - 13,10 eur, journey time 80 minutes
  • Zell am See - 15 eur, journey time 110 minutes
  • Timetable:

Car rental

While public transport in Austria works well, even on weekends, you'll appreciate the flexibility of travelling by rental car when you're in the Alps.

A car is especially worthwhile if you're travelling with large luggage and several people.

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