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Sal Amilcar Cabral International Airport

Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Sal Airport

Transportation from Sal Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 7. 11. 2023

There is no public transport on the whole island. There are taxis and rental cars available.

The best resorts on Sal


The official blue taxis with yellow stripes are regulated and monitored by the authorities and therefore are the safest to drive.

There are always plenty of taxis parked outside the airport terminal after each arrival.

Taxi drivers normally accept Euros for payment. Payment can only be made in cash and the price is negotiable. Local taxi drivers are polite and do not usually overcharge.

Expect to pay the following from the airport:

  • Santa Maria - 15 eur
  • Murdeira - 12 eur
  • Espargos - 3 eur

You can also consider renting a car, but there aren't many roads on the island and it may end up being an unnecessary investment.

Renting a car

There are only two local car rental companies at the airport and no international ones. Prices start at 45 eur per day.

I'm flying in with a travel agent

If you arrive with a complete tour purchased from a travel agent, a free transfer from the airport to your hotel will be provided.

After passing through passport control in the arrivals hall, you will find your travel agent's delegate who will make all the necessary arrangements.

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