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Transportation from Rimini Airport

David Eiselt updated 20. 9. 2023

The airport terminal is 6 km from the centre of Rimini and 5 km from Riccione.

Bus to Rimini

There are two bus routes passing close to the airport.

Route 9

Public transport bus line 9 stops directly in front of the terminal and runs through the bus station and the historic centre to Rimini's main station and onwards to the west of the city. Intervals between services are 15 minutes Monday to Saturday and about 30 minutes on Sundays and public holidays.

A transfer ticket for 75 minutes is available at 1,50 eur, a 24-hour ticket for 2 zones (i.e. including all surrounding resorts) at 4,50 eur. The all-day ticket for 1 zone is not valid in Rimini, but in other towns where the Start Romagna bus company operates.

  • Travel time to the station: 25 minutes
  • Price: 1,50 eur / 4,50 eur for 24 hours
  • Frequency: 15 minutes (up to 30 minutes on Sundays and early morning)
  • First connection from the station: 5:55 (Monday-Saturday), 6:35 (Sundays and public holidays)
  • Last connection from the airport: 23:17 (all week)

You can buy your ticket from the ticket machine at the bus stop in front of the airport building (card or coin payment) or via the mobile apps Drop Ticket (available on Google Play / App Store) or myCicero (available on Google Play / App Store). Tickets are also sold by the driver, but the ticket is more expensive and for 1 zone it costs 2 eur. For detailed information about the buses in the city, see our guide to Rimini.

When exiting the transit zone, do not follow the "Exit" signs, but turn right and walk out at the check-in counter level directly to the bus stop.

Tickets can also be purchased by card inside the car, but currently only payment with Italian-issued cards works.

The bus stop at the main station is directly opposite the building across the road from the ticket booth selling tickets to San Marino and next to the Burger King.

Line 9 has a few different route options, but they only differ by running on different streets outside of downtown, and tourist service to the airport is unaffected. All of the variations are more or less the same length. Thus, sometimes you may also see lines 9A, 9T, 9M or 9S on the front banner of the bus. However, all services run from the airport to the centre and vice versa.

Metromare route

The special Metromare bus line running between Rimini and Riccione also has a stop named "Miramare Aeroporto", but in fact it is 1,100 metres from the terminal and the walking route is very inconvenient (there is no pavement along much of it).

We do not recommend this option for getting to the airport.

Car rental

Rent a car at the airport if you plan to drive from Rimini to the mountains and villages, where there is little public transport. There are several local car rental companies right at the airport, with prices for a 1-day rental starting at 40 eur.

Compare the prices of all the companies and book a car straight away, for example via rentalcars.com.

Compare prices of car rental companies


All taxis in Rimini use a taximeter when driving. A trip to the city centre will cost about 15 eur, to the sea at 20 eur to 25 eur.

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