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Transportation from Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport

David Eiselt updated 23. 10. 2023

There is no railway to the airport, but it is connected to the adjacent town of Beauvais and to Paris by direct bus services.

Bus to Paris

Shuttle buses run from the airport to Porte Maillot station near the Arc de Triomphe. The bus runs every 25 minutes in both directions and the journey time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Tickets cost 16,90 eur one way for adults and 9,90 eur for children under 11. Return tickets cost 29,90 eur, or 19,80 eur for children. Luggage is included and children under 4 ride free.

Tickets can also be purchased on site at the ticket counter between terminals 1 and 2, or at the ticket machine in the arrivals hall of both terminals 1 and 2. However, tickets purchased on the spot are more expensive: one-way tickets for 18 eur, return tickets for 35 eur.

The airport bus stop is located in the area between the two terminals, about 30 metres from the gate. In Paris, the car park near Porte Maillot station.

At Porte Maillot, change to the yellow line of the Paris Metro 1 or walk to Avenue des Champs-Élysées (20 minutes walk).

It's also worth noting that long-distance Flixbus buses leave from Porte Maillot for London, Brussels and, of course, many cities in France.

Bus to Beauvais

If you're only heading to Beauvais, take the number 6 and "NA" Navette Aeroport bus lines, both of which run to the centre and the train station, the cumulative interval is between 30 and 60 minutes and the journey to the centre takes 20 minutes.

For exact timetables and further information, please visit the transport company's website:

A ticket for line 6 costs 1 eur, and for Navette Aeroport 4 eur, but valid for the next 48 hours for all Beauvais lines.

If you are thinking of bypassing the expensive direct bus from the airport to Paris by taking the local public transport line 6 to Beauvais train station and then taking the train, the saving will be zero. The train from Beauvais to Paris costs around 14 to 15 eur.

Car rental

Beauvais airport is virtually in the French countryside and can be a very convenient starting point for a road-trip through north-west France.

Many well-known and local car rental companies are based at the airport, with prices for a week's rental starting from 260 eur.

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