Transportation from Ostrava Airport


A special bus is the best way to get from all scheduled flights from the airport to the centre of Ostrava.

There is also a train station right in the terminal, but the trains have a timetable tailored especially for the workers of the nearby industrial zone, however, there are also trains to the airport during the day, so you can often use the train for travel on departure or after arrival.


Several bus routes provide the busiest transport.

Fares are the same on all routes and are paid simply by swiping your contactless card when you board. The card is no longer attached to the validator on exit.

Buses to Ostrava

The fare is CZK 30 on all lines and is valid for 60 minutes. During this time you can also change to other bus, tram or trolleybus lines in Ostrava. When you change trains, you will again put your card to the validator, but the money will not be deducted.

  • Line AE – Airport Express - goes to the city centre (stop Hornopolní) and to the central bus station. It also stops in the Dubina district or at the city stadium.
    • Frequency - follows all scheduled departures and arrivals, always arrives at the airport less than 2 hours before departure
    • Journey time - 50 minutes
    • Information and timetable:
  • Lines 333, 670 - Suburban lines going to the central bus station in Ostrava with several stops along the way (Petřvald, Krmelín, Dubina, Vítkovice)
    • Frequency - irregular, lines run on average once an hour on weekdays and about 7-8 times a day on weekends
    • Travel time - 50 minutes

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You can find connections on all lines together via the website: The stop at the airport is called "Mošnov, Ostrava Airport, nádraží".

Bus direction Nový Jičín

The nearby district town of Nový Jičín also has a direct connection to the airport.

Bus 670 runs to the main bus station in Nový Jičín about once an hour on weekdays and once every 2 hours on weekends.

The fare costs 46 crowns and can be purchased with your own credit card or in cash from the driver.

The easiest way to find connections is via


The terminal is directly connected to the railway station "Mošnov, Ostrava Airport".

The S4 trains run on the route Airport - Studénka - Polanka nad Odrou - Ostrava Svinov - Ostrava Main Station - Bohumín.

The timetable is irregular and the train leaves for the airport about 5 times a day. The journey to the main station takes 32 minutes and the fare costs CZK 57.

You can find the connection on the website, where you can buy a ticket straight away.


A taxi to the centre of Ostrava will cost about 800 crowns and can usually only be paid in cash.

The Bolt mobile app also operates in Ostrava, but availability is still poor and the price is around 650 crowns.

Car rental

Car rental companies Carwiz, Avis, Budget or Hertz can be found in the Ostrava airport terminal.

The price for a one-week rental starts from 110 eur.

Compare prices - book a car at OSR Airport

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