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Transportation from Naples Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 23. 1. 2024

There is no rail or metro to the airport, but it is accessible by public and intercity bus lines.

Bus to Naples

The city centre can be reached directly from the terminal by a special airport bus. Slightly cheaper and with one transfer, you can reach the centre from the nearby main street.


There is a direct Alibus line to the city centre (main station) and the port.

A 90-minute transfer ticket, which is also valid for other types of public transport in Naples, costs €5 when bought on the bus from the driver or from a newsagent (at the airport, for example, you can buy one at the Sun Store). The ticket can also be bought online at or on the Unico Campania mobile app (available at Google Play / App Store), which is great for travelling around the Campania region.

  • Fares - 5 eur / 90 minutes (transfer)
  • Frequency - 20 minutes
  • Travel time - 15 minutes to the main station, 25 minutes to the port
  • First connection from the centre - 5:40
  • Last connection from the airport - 0:00

Official information can be found on the transport company's website

Buy a ticket -

Lines C68 and 180

Slight savings can be made by walking about 150 meters from the terminal to the stop "Ruffo di Calabria - Carbone" (map of the route from the terminal:, where bus numbers C68 and 180 run to the outskirts of Naples. However, it can be used as a feeder to change to another line. The ticket for a single non-stop ride costs 1,20 eur, a transfer for 90 minutes 1,70 eur and a full day 4,20 eur.


Especially on the first morning departures you can't get public transport, so a taxi will be your only option. Taxi fares to/from the airport are fixed and available for download on the airport website. To get from the city centre to the main station you will pay around 30 eur, then to the port around 35 eur.

Neither Bolt nor Uber operate in Naples.

Car rental

If you want to start travelling around the Campanian countryside straight from the airport, it would be best to use the car rental companies right at the airport. Prices are quite high and you'll pay around 440 eur for a week's rental in the summer season.

Buses to the surrounding area

There are buses directly from the airport to nearby destinations:

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