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Transportation from Milan Linate Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 23. 10. 2023

Linate Airport is well connected to public transport, with metro, express buses to the main station and local bus lines.

Destinations Price Travel time Frequency
Metro M4 San Babila (historic centre) 2,20 eur 22 minutes 3-5 minutes
Express buses Milano Centrale 5 eur to 7 eur 25-35 minutes 30 minutes

Metro M4

The fastest congestion-free transport is the blue metro line M4. The station at the airport is about 75 metres from the terminal and is clearly signposted.

A 90-minute transfer ticket can be purchased from the station's ticket machine for 2,20 eur. A 24-hour ticket costs 7,60 eur. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased via the ATM mobile app (available on Google Play / App Store).

The metro terminates at the eastern edge of the historic centre at San Babila station, where you can change to the red M1 line towards Duomo, Cadorna railway station or Lampugnano long-distance bus station.

From San Babila station you can walk anywhere within the historic centre in 10-15 minutes.

  • Travel time: 22 minutes
  • Price: 2,20 eur for 90 minutes / 7,60 eur for 24 hours
  • Frequency: 3-5 minutes
  • Last metro from the airport - 21:49
  • First metro from San Babila - 6:00
  • Official website and connection search:

Buses to Centrale Station

If you're heading straight from Linate to Milano Centrale train station, you can use the express buses without changing trains.

Two companies provide transport to the station. The cheaper Airport Bus Express runs for 5 eur, while the Linate Shuttle in collaboration with Flixbus runs for 7 eur.

The journey to the station takes between 25 and 35 minutes depending on traffic. If you were to use the metro, you would have to change trains twice and travel over 45 minutes.

  • Travel time: 25-35 minutes
  • Price: 5 eur to 7 eur depending on the carrier you choose
  • Frequency: 30 minutes (cumulative interval of both companies)
  • Tickets and timetable: and
  • Last bus from the airport: 22:30 via
  • First bus from Centrale: 6:45 via

Night transport

When the M4 metro is not running, the 154 bus line runs along its route directly to the centre at Duomo station. Frequency is 30-60 minutes and ticket prices are the same as the metro.

Local buses

Local public transport buses are also available to the surrounding neighbourhoods, with the same tickets as the metro. For 90 minutes pay 2,20 eur or for 24 hours pay 7,60 eur.

  • Line 901 - runs at 30-minute intervals to the San Donato district (on Sundays on a slightly modified route as line 903)
  • Line 923 - runs at intervals of 30 minutes to the Segrate district and to San Raffaele Hospital
  • Search for connections:


Taxis are particularly useful in the early morning or late evening, when only the long-haul 154 bus runs to the airport.

The price of taxis to central Milan is calculated according to the taxi meter and varies between 25 eur and 30 eur.

Car rental

If you're heading straight from the airport to the Alps or the sea and want to see as many places as possible, we recommend renting a car directly from the terminal.

Most multinational and some local car rental companies are based at the airport and prices start at around 50 eur per day.

Long-distance buses

Flixbus coaches to several destinations also stop directly outside the Linate Airport terminal.

Tickets and timetables can be found at

  • Genoa - 2x daily, prices from 10 eur
  • Bolzano - 2x daily, prices from 15 eur
  • Trento - 2x daily, prices from 15 eur
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