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Transfer at Male Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 31. 12. 2023

Velana Airport is one of the medium sized and relatively well-organized airports. The terminals are small and you can walk through the entire building, including security and passport control, in 15 minutes.

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In fact, Malé Velana Airport uses 3 terminals.

  • International - handles all flights outside the Maldives
  • Domestic - handles flights to other Maldivian islands flown by regular aircraft
  • Noovilu Seaplane Terminal - handles flights to other Maldivian islands flown by seaplanes

The international and domestic terminals are combined in one building. It takes 3 minutes to walk between the terminals inside the building.

Noovilu Seaplane Terminal It was built in 2022 and is housed in a very modern and spacious building. The terminal is on the other side of the airport complex and is not connected to the international or domestic terminal by any pedestrian corridor.

Transfer between flights

Connecting flights at Velana Airport are very frequent, between domestic and international flights. It is the main transport hub for the entire Maldives.

International flight <-> Domestic

Upon arrival, you must go through immigration control and always collect your luggage.

If you are continuing on around the Maldives on regular Maldivian, Flyme or Manta Air, you will walk within 3 minutes to the adjacent domestic terminal to check in again.

In total, this procedure takes approximately 40-70 minutes depending on the queue at immigration control.

The procedure is similar in the reverse case when transferring from a domestic to an international flight, where you again have to collect your baggage and re-check it in at the international terminal.

International <-> International

If you have a transfer in the Maldives purchased as part of a single booking, you usually do not have to worry about your luggage and do not have to leave the transit area.

You do not go through passport control, but only through a security checkpoint specifically set aside for transferring passengers.

International transfers usually take 15-20 minutes.

Main terminals <-> Noovilu Seaplane Terminal

Transfer between the main part of the airport (international + domestic terminal) and the seaplane check-in building is only possible by minibus or taxi.

The ride takes 5-10 minutes.

If your seaplane transfer is arranged through your hotel, please check with your hotel's desk in the main terminal for a free transfer between terminals.

If you do not have a seaplane flight arranged through your hotel but purchased on your own, TransMaldivian Airlines also has check-in desks in the main terminal. Check in for your flight here and you will be transferred to Noovilu Seaplane Terminal by a free TransMaldivian bus.

The airline also provides a transfer in the opposite direction. Simply contact the information desk upon arrival of the seaplane and they will direct you to the bus with the nearest departure.

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