Transportation from Lyon Airport


Lyon Airport is connected to tram and bus services, and there is a long-distance train station at the terminals.

Some long-distance buses also stop at the airport.

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Tram Rhônexpress

The fastest transport to the city centre is the "Rhônexpress" tram, which terminates at Part Dieu station, where you can change to metro, tram and bus lines throughout the city.

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines at the stops (card and cash payments are possible) or online at

Rhônexpress is not part of Lyon's transport company TCL, so tickets are only valid for travel to/from the airport. If you want to continue travelling around Lyon by metro, buses or TCL trams, you need to buy additional tickets.

Online Buy on the spot
One-way 15,20 eur 16,30 eur
Return 28,30 eur 26,70 eur

The tram journey to the centre is quick and comfortable.

  • Travel time - 30 minutes
  • Frequency - 15 minutes
  • First tram from Part Dieu - 4:25
  • Last tram from the airport - 0:00
  • Official information:

Bus + tram (cheapest)

For the cheapest transport, a combination of bus 47 from the airport to the Meyzieu Z.I. terminus, where you change to tram line 3. This goes directly to the centre to Part Dieu station. In total, the journey to the centre of Lyon will take around an hour.

Both lines are operated by the transport company TCL and there is no special charge to the airport.

Tickets can be purchased from a machine at the bus stop or conveniently by attaching your own payment card to a reader inside the bus or tram.

You can also pay your fare via the TCL mobile app (available on Google Play / App Store).

  • 60 minutes - EUR 2
  • 120 minutes - 3,50 eur
  • 24 hours - 6,50 eur
  • 48 hours - 12,50 eur
  • 72 hours - 17 eur

Detailed and up-to-date information on ticket prices can be found on the transport company's website:

Bus 47 stops at the airport in front of terminal 1 at the bus station (Gare routiere). From Meyzieu Z.I. station, you can only take tram 3 to the centre, not the "Rhônexpress".

Bus 47 runs once every 30 minutes.

  • First bus from Meyzieu Z.I. - 5:50
  • Last bus from the airport - 0:02, but the last bus to catch the last tram to the centre leaves at 23:27

Tram number 3 then runs once every 7-10 minutes (15 mins on weekends).

  • First tram from the centre - 4:54
  • Last tram from Meyzieu Z.I. - 23:53

Timetables and line maps can be found at

Long-distance trains

A few dozen metres from the terminal is the TGV station, from where fast trains run to the whole of France.

For the cheapest tickets, visit


From the airport to the city centre, you can easily get official taxis and the Uber mobile app.

In both cases, you can pay by card. Uber usually has lower fares than regular taxis.

To get to central Lyon, you can pay around 42 eur via Uber , while regular taxis cost between 45 eur and 55 eur.

Rent a car

Travel through the French countryside on your own and stop independently of timetables at the most beautiful places.

Lyon Airport is home to many local and international car rental companies. Weekly rental prices in the summer season start at 380 eur, while off-season prices start at 250 eur.

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