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Transfer at Leipzig Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 26. 10. 2023

Leipzig Airport operates one small and well-organised terminal common to all departures and arrivals.

The terminal is connected to the station and the main parking garage by a covered corridor. Everything is very clearly signposted and the distances from the terminal entrance to the aircraft are short (maximum 150 metres).

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The central security checkpoint leads to a single transit zone, where departure gates to Schengen countries are open to all passengers and a few gates are set aside for flights to non-Schengen countries behind passport control.

The airport has several boarding bridges, so you usually enter the aircraft directly from the terminal. Only in the summer months, when there is more traffic, will you be transported to some flights by airport bus.

Queues for security checks are rare at Leipzig and maximum waiting times are around 15 minutes.

A map of the terminal is available on the airport website.

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