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Kalymnos National Airport

Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Kalymnos Airport

Kalymnos National Airport in a nutshell

Krystof Hajek updated 17. 10. 2023

A small airport on the Greek island of Kalymnos, built on a steep embankment high in the rocks, attracts the attention of aviation enthusiasts. Landing and taking off offer spectacular views of the surrounding dramatic landscape.

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Along with the harbour, the airport serves as the main entry point and is a quick way to reach the mainland. The airport has been in operation since 2006. Until then, it was only possible to reach Kalymnos by boat.

Tickets to Kalymnos can currently only be purchased on the website, with its subsidiary Olympic Air operating 1 flight a day from Athens. In the summer season, the connection is extended to 2 flights a day + several flights a week to the nearby islands of Rhodes, Astypalaia or Kos.

The terminal is the size of a small family house. Just arrive at the airport 40 minutes before departure.

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