Transportation from Hamburg Airport


The fastest transport to the city centre is the S-Bahn on the S1 line.

There are also several bus lines to the surrounding districts. Ticket prices are the same for trains, buses and the underground, and you always pay 3,80 eur on your way to the centre.

S-Bahn S1

The city train station is located underground and clearly marked with the letter S in a green circle.

The S1 line runs through the entire centre of Hamburg via the largest railway stations Hamburg Hbf and Hamburg Altona. It also stops at the Reeperbahn station in Sankt Pauli and selected services continue on to Blankenese.

In the direction from the city centre to the airport, always get on the front of the train. At Ohlsdorf station, some trains split up. The front part of the train goes to the airport, while the back part of the train goes to the Poppenbüttel terminus. Some trains end completely at Ohlsdorf station and you will have to wait for the next train.

  • Travel time - 25 minutes to Hamburg Hbf and 38 minutes to Hamburg Altona
  • Frequency - 10 minutes on the branch going to the airport (20 minutes at the weekend)
  • Last train from the airport - 23:53
  • First train from Hamburg Hbf station - 4:03 (S1 line runs all night Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday)
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Tickets can be purchased via the HVV mobile app (Google Play / App Store) with a 7% discount. You only show your mobile ticket to the conductor, inspector or driver on request.

Alternatively, you can buy tickets at the ticket machine before entering the platform. You must mark your paper ticket in the validator at the platform. You only mark it the first time you use it and never mark it again within the time validity, even if you change trains, subways or buses.

Validity Price on the spot Mobile app price
Single ticket 1 journey without changing trains 3,80 eur 3,53 eur
Day ticket On a given calendar day
until 6:00 a.m. the following day
8,80 eur 8,18 eur
All-day ticket "9 am" On a given calendar day
until 6:00 a.m. the following day
Not valid between 6:00-9:00
7,50 eur 6,98 eur

For travel throughout Hamburg, including the airport, you only need tickets for 2 zones.

Detailed information on ticket prices can be found on the website:


There are also stops for several public transport bus lines right outside the terminal.

Ticket prices are the same as for the S1 train, see above for details. In case of a paper ticket, you mark it in the validator inside the bus. You show your mobile ticket to the driver when boarding.

  • Line 292 - connects the airport with Langenhorn and Lattenkamp in the south
    • Frequency - 10 minutes in the direction of Langenhorn and Ochsenzoll, or 20 minutes in the direction of Lattenkamp (some buses terminate at the airport area)
    • Transfer to metro - Langenhorn Markt station (line U1), Lattenkamp station (line U1 - closer to the centre)
  • Line 392 - connects the airport with many districts of north-west Hamburg and runs to the final stops Ohlsdorf and Teufelsbrück
    • Frequency - 30 minutes
    • Transfer to metro - Lattenkamp station (line U1), Hagenbecks Tierpark station (line U2)
  • Line X95 - express line runs along the northern edge of Hamburg to Pinneberg
    • Frequency - 30 to 60 minutes
    • Transfer to the metro - Niendorf Nord station (line U2)

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Night transport

All night transport to the airport is provided by the special night bus line 606.

The bus runs at intervals of 30-60 minutes from the central Rathausmarkt stop and ticket prices are the same as for daytime lines.

Bus direction Kiel, Neumünster

The Kielius regional line 4550 to Kiel with a stop in Neumünster also stops in front of the terminal.

Buses run once an hour daily with the first departure from Kiel at 2:45 and the last departure from the airport to Kiel at 23:45.

  • Kiel - 22,50 eur
  • Neumünster - 20 eur

Online ticket purchase and detailed timetable can be found on the website:


Taxis to the airport run according to the meter and can always be paid in cash and by credit card.

The average fare to Hamburg city centre is between 29 eur and 35 eur.

Rent a car

Explore the rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein and the coastal parts of Germany by car from the airport.

Car rental prices for a week are around 320 eur.

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