Transportation from Figari Airport

The cliffs of Bonifacio

Bus line B of the company "A Berlin" runs to the terminal, but only twice a day.

Most travellers use the car rental service at the airport.

Car rental

Many car rental counters can be found outside the arrivals hall.

Always book your car rental in advance. If you are travelling in high season (June-September), we recommend booking at least 2 months in advance.

Prices for weekly rentals start at around 300 eur in summer if booked well in advance.

Compare car rental prices - Figari airport


Bus line B, which is currently operated by "A Berlina", has a stop at the terminal.

Line B connects Porto Vecchio and Moncaia d'Aullene with a stop at the airport. It runs only twice a day from Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays between June and September. However, it never runs on public holidays.

The timetable can be found at Click on the button "Horaires & Trajets".

Fares from/to the airport have a special fare of 10 eur and can only be purchased via the tixiPASS mobile app. The driver does not sell the ticket.

Taxi / Uber

Official taxis are waiting outside the terminal for each scheduled arrival. There is also an Uber mobile app available in the region, but due to the limited number of drivers, you may wait longer than 30 minutes for a car.

Average prices are as follows:

  • Bonifcio - taxi for 55 eur / Uber for 40 eur
  • Porto Vecchio - taxi for 60 eur / Uber for 45 eur
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