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Transportation from Dresden Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 17. 9. 2023

The airport is connected to rail and bus lines. The railway is a significantly faster transport to the city centre.

S-Bahn line S2

The S2 S-Bahn is the fastest and most convenient transport option between the city and the airport.

  • Travel time to the main station: 21 minutes
  • Frequency: 30 minutes
  • Price: 3 eur

In Dresden, you can board at several stations, including the main station.

The S2 train stops at Dresden Hauptbanhof, Dresden Freiberger Straße, Dresden Mitte and Dresden Neustadt. There are also stations outside the centre at Dresden Industriegelände, Dresden Klotzsche and Dresden Grenzstraße.

The airport train station is located on the ground floor of the terminal and is connected to the check-in or arrivals area by escalators and lifts.

The first train from the centre leaves at 4:18 and then runs at 30-minute intervals until 23:48, when the last train leaves the airport. It takes 21 minutes to travel from Hauptbahnhof and 14 minutes from Neustadt.

Tickets can be purchased at self-service kiosks and cost 3 eur per adult and for children up to 15 years of age 1,80 eur. The ticket is valid for 60 minutes and can also be used for other modes of transport in Dresden. Before boarding, mark your ticket in the blue marker on the platform.

A day ticket for unlimited transport on a given calendar day in Dresden costs 8 eur.

For detailed information, visit the website of the local transport company DVB.de:

Bus 77 and tram 7

Alternatively, if you are travelling outside the train route, you can take the combined bus line 77 and tram line 7.

The journey time from the airport to the city centre to the train station is 35 minutes and is therefore also virtually unused.

The ticket is identical to the trains, i.e. for 3 eur for 60 minutes from the marking.

Timetables and connection searches can be found on the dvb.de website.

Night transport

Once an hour throughout the night, bus line 77 just runs to the airport to the Infineon Nord tram stop. Tram line 7 also runs all night once an hour.

Jízdenka Labe-Elbe

In addition to the hourly tickets of the DVB transport company mentioned above, the Labe-Elbe one-day network ticket sold in the Czech Republic can also be used. This allows travel across the Czech and German sides in the Ústí nad Saxony region both on rail and buses, including public transport.

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