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Transportation from Corfu Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 15. 10. 2023

The terminal is 2.5 km from the centre of Kerkyra (Corfu) and only 850 metres from the main intercity bus station Green Buses.

Cheap hotels in Corfu

Car rental

Renting a car is a less expensive option if you want to discover Corfu Island and don't like spending time in one place. This is because many beaches or smaller resorts can't be reached by bus at all, or only 1-2 times a day.

Expect prices in the summer season from 380 eur, and in the low season from 250 eur. In the low season, Corfu car rental prices drop to less than half. Where is the best place to book a car? Use the comparison engine to find offers from all car rental companies and you can make your reservation right there.

Public transport bus

Corfu Town (Kerkyra), 2.5 km away, is served by bus line 15 of Corfu City Bus (the so-called "Blue Buses").

The buses go to the city centre, the main harbour and stop at the intercity bus station Green buses, from where you can go to all corners of the island.

For a map of the route, visit the official website: astikoktelkerkyras.gr/en/itineraries. For departure times, click on the selected stop on the map. Please note that the information on the official website may be out of date for several weeks. Timetables change several times a year as the tourist season progresses.

The bus stop is to the left of the arrivals hall near the airport control tower. The bus stop is marked with a sign that reads "Bus stop" and a timetable.

Tickets and prices

A ticket from the airport to the city costs 1,70 eur and can only be bought from the driver, where you can pay by card and cash.

To get from the city to the airport, buy your ticket from the ticket machine at the bus stop (not available at the airport) or from a newsagent, where it will only go out at 1,10 eur. The ticket is non-transferable and valid for one journey only. A day ticket valid only on the Corfu City Bus (blue and white city buses) is available at 5 eur.

The first service from the centre leaves at 6:45am, and the last service from the airport at around 10:45pm. Intervals between services are about 30 minutes during the summer season. During the winter season, buses only run about 4-5 times a day! The journey to the centre takes about 15 minutes. The drive to the port takes 25 minutes.

Official Corfu City Bus information on the website astikoktelkerkyras.gr.

For detailed information about transport on the whole island, see our Corfu City Guide.

Buses outside the city

The central intercity bus station of Green Buses, which will take you to all corners of Corfu, is 850 metres from the airport and can be reached easily on foot (view route on google.com/maps) or with a 3-minute ride on public transport bus line 15.

Timetables and other information about intercity buses can be found on the website: greenbuses.gr/routes.


The price of taxis to Corfu town centre is very high due to the short distance. During the day you can pay 15 eur, while at night 20 eur.

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