Transfer at Copenhagen Airport


Copenhagen Airport consists of one building divided into 2 terminals. The arrivals hall is common to both terminals and opens into a single exit towards the metro, bus and trains.

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The terminals are numbered 2 and 3, and there used to be a "Go" terminal for low-cost airlines, which is no longer in operation. The distinction of the terminals is used for check-in counters.

If you are travelling with checked baggage or need a physical paper boarding pass, follow the departure board at the airport entrance or the following key:

  • Terminal 2 - all airlines except those checking in at Terminal 3
  • Terminal 3 - SAS, Air Baltic, Alsie Express, DAT - Danish Air Transport, Icelandair, TAP Air Portugal, Wideroe

For easier orientation, see the terminal map on the airport website.

Security checks

If you are travelling with hand luggage only and have a boarding pass printed or on your mobile phone, you can head to security at any terminal. Both lead to a common transit area with all gates.

Use the variable signs to give you an indication of the approximate waiting time at each security checkpoint. If the waiting time is more than 10 minutes shorter at the more distant checkpoint, it's worth going to the other terminal.

Copenhagen Airport is notorious for its suddenly very long waiting times for security checks.

Especially in the morning rush hour (between 5:30 and 7:00), the queue can be as long as 45 minutes. The airport does not allow you to pay extra for fast-frack service for all passengers, so always arrive at least 2 hours before departure.

Transit Zone

The area behind security is common to both terminals and is divided into several sections. The gates are marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F.

Departures to non-Schengen countries are always from gates C15-C40, D101-D104 or F101-F105, which are accessed through passport control. Queues of more than 30 minutes may form at times.

If you are flying to a non-Schengen country, be at the airport 2.5 hours before departure to be safe.

Specific departure gate numbers appear in Copenhagen about 45-65 minutes before departure. Until then, you're forced to spend your time in a central area with shops, restaurants and minimal seating.

Transfer between flights

Copenhagen Airport is a very straightforward airport for transfers. You don't have to deal with different terminals when changing planes, all gates are in a common area.

The distances are not long, but the airport lacks moving walkways (travelators), so you can walk 15 minutes from one end of the terminal to the other.

The transfer time is always the time on your ticket if you are travelling on one booking. Usually in Copenhagen you can change flights in about 30 minutes.

There are three types of transfers:

  • Schengen -> Schengen: you do not go through any checks. You exit the plane directly to the departure area, where you just need to find the gate number of the connecting flight on the board.
  • Schengen -> Non-Schengen: you only go through passport control. You will again exit the aircraft directly to the departure area, expect the connecting flight from gates C, D or F.
  • Non-Schengen -> any flight: no matter where you continue on to, you always have to go through a special transit security check where there are not too long queues. You also go through passport control in all cases.

For official information, questions and answers about transferring between flights, please visit the airport website.

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