Transportation from Chambery Airport

Val Thorens

Most travellers arrive in Chambéry as part of an organised tour which includes flights, accommodation and airport transfers. In this case, just look for your tour operator's delegate in the arrivals hall who will direct you to the buses.

Individual travellers have a fairly limited choice of transport.

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Taxi, Uber

There are several taxis waiting outside the terminal for each scheduled arrival. The price to the centre of Chambéry is around 35 eur and you can also pay by card.

For a cheaper ride to/from the airport, the mobile app Uber usually offers a ride to the centre of Chambéry from €27. The downside is that the availability of cars is worse and in some cases you can wait more than 20 minutes for an available Uber.

Rent a car

About 100 metres to the right of the terminal is a low building housing several car rental companies.

Prices in the peak winter season start at around €330 per week.

Book a car in advance at a discount

Public transport

There are no regular scheduled buses to or near the terminal.

The closest train stop to the airport is the "Viviers-du-lac" train stop, 2.5 km away. However, the journey is mostly on a road with no pavement.

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