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Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Brussels Airport

Transfer at Brussels Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 5. 10. 2023

The single terminal is quite large and the marching distances are large. The public areas of the terminal (arrivals and departures counters) are common to all flights.

Beyond the security checkpoint, the passenger flow is then divided into two parts.

  • Left - departure gates "A" for Schengen flights and "T" for non-Schengen flights
  • Right - departure gates "B" for flights to Schengen

Open 24 hours a day.

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Although the terminal has a one-building concept, you have to allow for long walking times, 20 minutes or more to the more distant gates.

Transfer between flights

If you transfer between gates A and A, you do not have to leave the transit area at all and do not go through security or passport control. The transit area is shared by arriving and departing passengers, so just step off the plane into the concourse, find the gate of the connecting flight on the first board and walk freely to it.

If you are transferring from gate A to gate B or T or vice versa, you must go through passport control.

If you are transferring within the B or T gate area, you do not go through passport control. Although Gates B and T are separated by the "Schengen" zone of Gates A, you must not enter this zone when moving between Gates B and T. Therefore, there is a free shuttle bus running around the airport area approximately once every 10 minutes.

You'll be fine with 20 minutes to change planes for Schengen travel, 45 minutes for non-Schengen travel and 60 minutes for flights to the US. These times are the minimum transfer times on a single ticket.

If you will be connecting on two separate tickets, 2.5 hours is the minimum time you should allow between flights and even then it doesn't provide much reserve time.

Airport map

To get a better idea of the shape of the airport terminal, the location of services and the organisation of transfers, you can download a map from the airport website.

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