Transportation from Banja Luka Airport

Banja Luka

Banja Luka Airport is accessible by bus and taxis. Car rentals are also available.


There is a bus/minimus company Smiljic that departs from the old bus station in Banja Luka (Stara autobuska stanica) for all regular departures and arrivals.

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Exact departure times from the centre can be found on the company's website: On the way back, the bus always waits for the plane.

The ticket price is 10 bam or 5 eur and is paid in cash inside the bus.

The journey time to Banja Luka is approximately 30 minutes.


Official taxis are always waiting in sufficient numbers for each scheduled arrival.

Taxi drivers prefer payment in euros. From Banja Luka, 27 km away, a taxi costs about 25 eur, while to the nearby town of Laktaši you will pay about 8 eur.

Car rental

A good option if you want to explore the Bosnian countryside is to rent a car directly at the airport, where several large international rental companies are based.

Prices for 4-day rentals in Tuzla are around 50 eur.

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